We at Legends are now offering nutrition coaching -- Legends Nutrition U -- specializing in helping clients reach their fitness goals through personalized nutrition planning.

In May 2014, Ashley, Alicia and Logan all casually expressed to our good friends Derek and Steph, that we wanted to make a change and needed someone to hold us accountable. We felt our eating habits were all over the place and had no direction.  We were tired all the time and our performance in the gym was suffering as a result.  Derek and Steph said they could help.  Within weeks of starting on a new nutrition plan, our bodies changed, our energy levels increased, and our lifts went up. Amazed by the results, we were fueled to learn more about nutrition and help others.

As humans, we tend to settle for what we look like because of our age, where we are at in life, or simply because our body hasn’t changed in years.  In the gym, we sometimes hit a wall and mistakenly think we’ve reached our limit. Our hormones, emotions, cravings and busy lifestyle make progress hard.  But having a coach to help you through those hard times is what makes the difference.

This is not a diet for us, it’s a lifestyle.  And as a gym owners and coaches, we can attest to the fact that you cannot out-train a bad diet.  We have learned how important nutrition is for both body composition and performance. 

We look forward to supporting you on your nutrition, fitness, and performance journey!







Legends Nutrition U 12-week plans include the following:

  • Detailed client assessment
  • Personalized nutrition planning
  • Encouraged unlimited contact via email, phone, text or in person to answer any questions along the way
  • Adjustments and feedback based on your results and specific needs
  • You’ll be added to a private myfitnesspal community page for even more information, guidance and support by clients just like yourself as well as the Legends Nutrition U coaches.

These plans are not restrictive, do not leave you hungry and tired, and still allow you to enjoy the foods you love.

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