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Lil Legends (6-9) Tuesdays 6:45p-7:30p beginning Nov. 17th and Future Legends (10-13) Saturdays 10:30a-11:30a beginning Nov. 21st.  5 weeks total leading into the holidays.  



Step 1 .

Fill out release waiver

Step 2.

Review the class schedule.  What works best for you and your child? 

Step 3.

Commit.   Contact us at, by phone, inquire on our contact page, or message us on facebook.  It would be best to contact us when we aren't scheduled to be running a class so we can give you our full attention. 

Lil' Legends Rules

(Parents: Please review with your child)

All children must be registered for the class they intend on taking 30 min prior to the start of class.  If not registered and the class is not full, a drop in fee we be charged. No exceptions!

*Classes are between 45- 60 minutes in length.

FUN! Although, the program has the kids working on various skills and becoming healthier in their lives (home and school) and making better decisions; it is our number one priority that the kids have lots of FUN!

You must hand off your child directly to the coach.

Having fun is our number one goal, so in order to do that we have some rules that both the kids and parents will need to follow.

Lil' Legends Kids Rules for the Kids:

  • “FREEZE!”….. means stop right away, no matter what you are doing.
  • No swinging from or playing on any equipment unless instructed
  • You must stay inside the activity area at all times.
  • No running outside by yourself at any time during class.

If you aren’t following the rules you will have to sit out of the game.

Have fun!

Lil' Legends Rules for the Adults:

  • Adults are to bring children in and have to come in to pick them up. Children are NOT allowed to go outside by themselves when leaving. If the person picking up the child is not on the list as an approved person to pick up the child, under no circumstances will that child be able to leave the premises.
  • It is preferred that a parent be present during gym time.  However, if it is necessary. If you leave please be prompt in picking up your child.
  • Adults are cheerleaders, not coaches. Positive cheering is encouraged; giving direction/cues is not.
  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES. Please put your phone on vibrate before the start of class and take the calls outside if needed.
  • Stay outside of designated activity areas.
  • Be on time so your kids can get properly warmed up.
  • Please make us aware of any injuries or changes in your child’s health that might affect them during the program.
  • Please help pick up the gym after class.

If you have any questions or concerns please talk to the Lil' Legends coach after class. If for some reason your are not able to speak with the coach please feel free to call us or email Please do not hesitate with any concerns as the sooner we know the issue, the faster it can be addressed.

Policy and Procedures


The athletes must come to class on time. Everyone should come early so that they may go to the bathroom, clean up, get changed, and be ready for class. Kids may not be allowed to join in if they are late. Due to the fast nature of the class activities and the performance of athletic exercises, it is crucial they come on time so that they are not lost during the class and can participate in the warm up and stretching.

Viewing classes

We are happy to have parents sit in on classes. We welcome cheering and encouragement during games, drills, etc. However, to promote a consistent learning environment we do ask parents to refrain from correcting their child during class.

Also, children are not permitted in the training area at any time without a Coach present. There are too many pieces of equipment to cause injury without proper supervision. In addition, if there is an adult class in progress this is your time to workout and therefore you as the parent, should be focusing on your training. Please provide items for your child to read, do homework or other to keep them busy while you finish up with your workout. They are not permitted in the area where adults may be training. 

Pick up and Drop off

For the safety of your child, we ask that you come into the gym to pick up and drop off your child for class. We are aware that this might be an inconvenience, but we are more concerned with safety. Safety is a concern and we will not allow kids to wait outside by themselves.

Dress code

Athletes are responsible for coming to class in proper gym attire, including shorts/pants, t-shirt and shoes. Please also provide clothing that can be worn outside either for the cold or warm weather. Athletes may not be permitted to participate in class if they are missing all or part of their gym attire.

Lost and Found

If you leave something behind, we will place it in the office in the gym until the time that it is claimed.


If you are involved in a school, youth program, sports program or other organization that you feel would benefit from exposure to the our youth program, please let us know. We truly appreciate your help in getting the word out about Lil' Legends. If you would like to set up a demonstration, talk, special event or seminar please contact us for more information.

Extended Absence and Termination

If you will be missing class for an extended period of time due to vacations or other reasons, please make sure to put a suspension on your membership.  Please make an effort to put this in writing via email to 30 days prior to your extended absence.  Verbal notification does not guarantee a suspension.