Legends endurance is a class suitable for everyone and will help increase your capacity across every form of exercise, from durations lasting 3 to 90 minutes.  

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  • Improve your maximum sustainable intensity during workouts

  • Learn how to pace your workouts

  • Increase your ability to recover during workouts

  • Improve your run, rowing, and bike times

  • Improve your breathing technique

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Programming Encompasses

  • Aerobic threshold

  • Lactate threshold

  • VO2 max

  • Strength endurance

  • Speed endurance training

Equipment that will be typically utilized in these classes

  • Your body (bodyweight exercises)

  • Rower

  • Bike

  • Light weight DB's and KB's (on occasion)


  • Aerobic Threshold: Steady workouts at a moderate intensity to develop fuel efficiency (burn fat), musculoskeletal system, and aerobic endurance.

  • Lactate Threshold: Higher volume workouts with longer distance intervals at higher “threshold” intensities with less rest between reps and sets.

  • VO2 Max: Lower volume workouts, shorter distance intervals at higher intensities, and more rest between reps and sets.

  • Speed Endurance: Very low volume workouts with interval distances less than 60sec. Extremely high intensities. Used to recruit fast twitch fibers and force them to develop endurance. Full recovery between reps and sets.

  • Strength Endurance: Low volume workouts with high-intensity intervals that include various explosive movements to recruit and develop your fast twitch muscle fibers.