Barbell CLUB/Olympic lifting

What is a barbell club?

A barbell club is a group of people gathered together for the same purpose, to get stronger and to learn proper techniques. We train together as much as we can, but also provide a strength and skill program that can be completed anywhere and on your time. 

Do I need any experience?

No, you just need to show up. We have multiple tracks for multiple ability levels. Age and history do not matter. 

What if I already participate in other sports and fitness classes?

Many of our members actively participate in sport(s) and have participate in other fitness activities. We want you to continue to do your workouts and take your favorite classes.  We aren't a conditioning class, we are here to handle your strength, power, and speed.

Most people look for a barbell club for one of the two following categories:

1)  You are an fitness enthusiast who needs or desires to become more proficient at Weightlifting so you can in turn improve your exercising.
2)  You are ready to compete in a sport that involves weightlifting.

What is your class schedule?

See the supervised Olympic weightlifting class and our Saturday Coaching/Training on our schedule.  Also, please contact Ashley, Dillon, or Logan in regards to their availability for more personalized coaching. 

What programming should I follow?

We at Legends Barbell have chosen to follow the programming provided by a very successful gym with a noteworthy coach doing the programming.  The program is one we ourselves have followed, seen great results from, and in return stand behind them.  We are excited to share with you what we believe is a comprehensive program that will address technique and strength in a deliberate, progressive way.