Legends Team Series Week 4


For Time:


Thrusters (95/65lbs)

Bar-Facing Burpees


Each team will have two barbells loaded to the Rx weight. 

At the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” one athlete will begin performing their designated number of thrusters.  After all their thrusters are complete, they will complete their designated number of bar-facing burpees.  Once the person completes their portion of the workout they tag in the next teammate who begins performing their designated number of repetitions.  And so on until the final person completes their total number of repetitions. 

No particular order needs to be followed. 

The team’s score is the total time to complete the workout.

If a person is chooses to use a lighter weight for the thrusters they can do so.  Weight must be reduced in 10lb increments.  For every 10lb reduction a total of 10 reps is added to that persons portion of the workout (5 thrusters + 5 bar facing burpees).  Minimum amount of weight is 75/45lbs.  Bars must have standard bumpers in order to facilitate proper jumping height. 

Movement Standards

Must jump over the bar with both feet.  Chest and thighs must hit the ground with each rep of the burpee.