Legends Team Series Week 5

As a team complete the following:

Workout A

200m Medball Carry Run Relay (14lbs)

200m Row Relay

Then as a team complete:

Workout B

200 Ground to Shoulder (95/65lbs)

200 Front Squats (95/65lbs) 

Then in groups of two complete the following as a chipper:

Workout C

30 Partner Deadlifts (M-315/F-225/M&F-270lbs)

40 Alternating Box Jumps (24")

50 Partner Wall Balls (14lb to 10ft/8ft)


Workout A Notes

At the call of “3, 2, 1 … go,” one athlete will run 200 meters while carrying a 14lb medicine ball.  Upon returning to the start they will hand the ball off to the next person in line; this will proceed until each member is done with the 200m run.  When all six members have completed their run the athlete that began the run relay will begin rowing.  As soon as the athlete rows the 200m the next athlete will be able to transition onto the rower to begin their 200m row.  This will continue until all six athletes are done with their 200m row.  Throughout workout A the order must stay the same and only one medball and one rower will be allowed per team. 

Workout B Notes

Upon completion of workout A the team will complete 200 total reps of ground to shoulders (aka cleans) and front squats.  Before the team is allowed to move on from cleans they must complete all 200 reps.  The team must remain in the same order as assigned in workout A when completing the movements in workout B.  All athletes must do at least one repetition when it is their turn.  No maximums or minimums are required for workout B.  Only one barbell is allowed per gender. 

Workout C Notes

Upon completion of workout B the team will break up into pairs (These pairs can be of the same gender or of mixed gender).  The pair performing the deadlifts will perform all 30 repetitions of their deadlift before the next pair can begin their 40 alternating box jumps.  Once the pair performing the box jumps completes the 40th rep the third and final pair can begin the 50 partner wall balls. 


The final score for the event will be the total time it takes to complete the three workouts with a running clock.